Automatic Bell Timer for Schools, Colleges, Institutions and Industries

Salient Features:
  1. Display: 32 Character digital display to show current date, time in first row and next bell time & Selected mode in 2nd row.
  2. Stand alone machine: No computers required to program or maintain ringing schedule.
  3. Output Devices: Electronic Gong Bell or any electrical device like, bell, hooter or siren can be connected.
  4. No battery required: To maintain clock and stored program.
  5. Modes: Two Modes of operation namely Regular and Examination Mode.
  6. No. Of Bell in each model: 30 bells can be programmed in each mode. This is enough for school running in two shift round the clock throughout the year.
  7. Half day: Any day of week or any date of month can be made half day. 30 Bell can be programmed.
  8. Connect more number of bells on single control unit: to bring all areas of school in audible range. With one electronic bell 70 to 100 Meter area is covered. Up to 10 electronic gong bells can be connected directly on control unit. All of them will ring simultaneously.

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